Propdo Analytics - About the Analytics Platform

Propdo Analytics is a data-driven real estate system that presents investors and homebuyers with all the necessary information required to purchase, manage and maintain a property, in any country across the globe.

What data is available?

The Propdo Analytics platform contains macro and microeconomic data for individual cities, countries and neighbourhoods helping you to pick and choose the best places to purchase real estate. Our team have collated the data based on their experience in the relevant markets and information from other qualified sources; such as local governments, legal and financial organisations.

For each country, you'll have access to

  • Economic and real estate market overview
  • Review of the acquisition process and legislation
  • Property management practices and legislation
  • Taxation advice and a full overview of property-related taxes
  • Banking and financing options and requirements

For each city, you'll have access to

  • Macro and Microeconomic statistics
  • Full city profile and investment review
  • Detailed information about neighbourhoods, infrastructure, new projects, people, transport and local amenities

What to expect?

The Propdo Analytics platform has been produced in accordance with the strict company values of Propdo, which are transparency, professionalism, integrity, diversity and efficiency. Within the platform, you should expect

  • Highly accurate pricing information
  • The most up-to-date macro and micro statistics from authentic government, real estate, financial and census websites. All metrics will be updated, based on market changes.
  • We take all relevant parameters into account, enabling you to see the broader picture from prices to the crime rate, business density, homeownership, rental demand, personal income and household composition

Propdo Analytics Demonstration Video

How to access?

  1. Visit the Propdo Analytics website here
  2. Select your chosen package, weekly, monthly and annually and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Once you've successfully signed up the full global market analysis will be exclusively accessible to you.

How to use the Propdo Analytics Platform?

  1. Browse through the list of cities and countries above.
  2. Hover over and click into, one of the countries situated in the map above (Browse the list of available countries below).
  3. Once the country is selected you'll notice the "green icons." Each represents a different city.
  4. Before you select one of the "green icons" you have the option to review and analyse the macroeconomic data and review the real estate market the country. The data is presented below the map.
  5. Once you've reviewed the national data, by clicking the green icons, you'll be able to review each city, by observing the number of universities and which district has more potential as a residential area, commercial area or tourist area.
  6. After choosing a city, select one of the "red icons" to read about each district.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions about using the platform and the subscription process, contact

Disclaimer. Market reviews do not constitute an opinion, advice, recommendation or offer to invest. The market reviews and each of their details do not contain any undertaking and/or representation and/or declaration regarding the yields and/or profits and/or activity of any kind whatsoever. The returns, profits and other details appearing in these reviews are based on estimates and forecasts of third parties that are not related to Propdo and may not materialise, in whole or in part. The reviews are full of references to sources of information, and their readers are invited to review them and other sources of information in order to establish an informed investment decision.