Our Values

At Propdo it is our core focus to provide a platform that bridges a connection between Property Developers and Investors. Therefore, we provide an end-to-end service supporting Real Estate Investors of all levels. We'll provide rigorously detailed market reports; legal support and we'll throw in the management services, so you don't have to.

Furthermore, as experts within the legal industry, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. For instance, each investment opportunity listed on our website has been vetted using the latest market trends and has been bench-marked against local legislation to further emphasize our credibility and your security.

Our core values:

Transparency: We provide a service that's focused on openness. It's our duty to provide investors with clear and transparent information, reports and market analysis. Furthermore, it's important that our clients get to know us, the market and all the details about their new venture before jumping in.

Professionalism: When managing your investment portfolio, it's the professionalism that's at the core. We're always innovating and adapting our platform, to be accustomed to the latest advancements in the global property market.

Integrity: Honesty and Integrity is most important when providing investment solutions. Within our platform, we'll provide regularly updated market analysis from geographical and financial insights for each opportunity. Integrity is pivotal with any investment. Therefore, we recommend that our clients perform additional research to certify that the investment is right.

Diversity: When making an investment, focus on diversity. Don't always focus on a location that's personal to you. We have a variety of property investment options across Europe; from Poland to Austria, Germany and France. Whether you're looking to globalize your investment portfolio or learn more about the real estate market. Sign up today.

Efficiency: At the touch of a button you're able to discover the latest real estate trends and securely control your investment portfolio. Not stopping there, our investment platform has been built with Information Security through its spine, further in stating each client’s online privacy and security.