Propdo Services

Managing a large portfolio of properties can be a complex and is often a pain-staking process. It’s about comprehensive supervision, relationship building and understanding the local environment. Therefore, at Propdo we provide a bespoke acquisition and management service that fully supports your new real estate investment.

It's our duty to ensure you fully understand the exact terms related to your investment. Simply to get started, choose your property, click invest and we'll keep you updated with everything right up from development through to completion.

Our services are split into two stages:

  • Acquisition management during the construction process
  • Property management services post construction

It's our responsibility to monitor the entire acquisition and construction process and ensuring you fully understand the local legislation within your chosen country.

During the Construction Process

Throughout the construction process, we’ll fully represent the investor with the procurement of their chosen property, starting with negotiations with the property developer; as well as advising with legal proceedings. We’ll strengthen the bond between you the investor, and reputable local services to ensure the smooth running of your project.

In addition we have built up a network of service providers from legal firms, accountants, furnishing companies, notaries and local authorities across the world. Just sit back, log in and we’ll keep you updated with everything relating to your new venture.

Performing All the Legal Legwork

The first step for any property investment involves a meeting with a notary (at a location of your choosing) to sign a power of attorney. This will allow Propdo to manage the entire scope of the process for you. This includes ensuring the general administrative tasks have been completed. These may include, registering for the deed with the local land registry and opening a local bank account. All information about updates will be provided at the touch of a button within your dashboard on the Propdo platform.

Additionally, for investors looking to make their first move on the global property ladder, we’ll provide mortgage advice and assistance with the relevant local amenities to ensure a smooth and prosperous start to your international property portfolio.

Summary of services during the construction phase

  • Represent investors during the procurement process
  • Manage all legal and bureaucratic procedures
  • Negotiate with interior designers & engineers to ensure a smooth completion
  • Organize all legal documents. I.e. Local Land Registry & translation of documents
  • Mortgage advisory services
  • Receive regular property updates within your dashboard on the Propdo platform

Your hands-off investment

Upon completion of the project, investors are able to opt-in for our fully managed service.

As part of this additional service, after construction, we’ll provide a tailor-made solution at the request of the investor. We’ll do the legwork -- All you’ll have to do is watch the payments come in.

We’ll begin working to ensure you achieve the highest possible market yield. To do this, we’ll work with local media outlets to locate new tenants, negotiate the annual rental income and leasing terms and sign the lease agreement.


  • The acquisition of a suitable tenant with thorough background checks
  • Rental advice and collection
  • Setting the lease terms & offering legal support
  • Maintenance management
  • Support with filing taxes for your property investment