Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered a few questions about the Propdo platform in order to provide our users and Investors more information about the investment process, choosing investments and how our platform works.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Contact us with any enquiries through the “Contact page" on our platform, and we will get back to you shortly.

What is Propdo?

Propdo is the world’s first real estate investment platform, that presents investors with the opportunity to discover new projects and properties across the globe.

Through the Propdo website, you’re able to learn about real estate, analysis new markets and invest in a property without doing the legwork. It's what we call a "hands-off" investment. We manage the entire acquisition including all conveyancing, bureaucracy, opening a bank account, applying for mortgages, sourcing tenants, collecting rent and more.

Our team has obtained experience within the global real estate and legal fields, so we understand the key differences when diversifying and investing in new markets.

How does it work?

The process is simplistic and can be completely set up from within our website. Each of our investments includes management services that guide you through the entire construction process. We'll do everything so you can shift your focus on other day-to-day opportunities.

What is the learning process?

We transparently and candidly provide you with a variety of property market information covering each individual project, city, country and more. Furthermore, when we list a new investment on our website, we create each listing with a set of benchmarks. Starting with:

  • Information about that country’s economy
  • It’s the real estate market
  • Details about the specific location & residents
  • Developer Information
  • Possible returns, rental yield, capital gain & other financial information

All our information has been provided from reliable real estate, economic and political sources providing you with a solid top-level basis to support your investment decision. Although, we also encourage you to perform additional research to provide a personal & extensive review.

How to choose an investment?

After researching your new opportunity, you’ll be in a stronger position to invest in the real estate market. We are aware that different investors have different perceptions of the property market. Some might prefer more solid & secure investments, within an area they’re comfortable with. Whereas some are more adventurous.

Therefore, within the Propdo platform we’ve included a variety of listings for all types of investors based on geographic location, types of investments and investment amounts.

How to make the investment?

Making an investment through Propdo is a digital process. After you’ve chosen the property or project most appealing to you, click the “Invest” button on the page of that property or project, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Furthermore, once you’re ready to invest, you’ll be required to read our Facilitation and Management Agreement and give your consent by clicking the “I agree” button. Your investment will be made, as subject to the provision of our Facilitation and Management Agreement.

What happens next?

After making the investment, our representatives will be in touch to guide you through the next stage of the process.

The next step may involve meeting with a Notary at a location convenient for you, and to sign a Power of Attorney in his presence. This allows us to represent and facilitate the investment process for you.

Following this, you’ll be requested to transfer the investment amount to the dedicated ancillary account, in accordance with the amortisation schedule. In addition, you’ll be required to transfer the management and platform service fees.

What included in Propdo’s Management Services?

We split our management services up into two areas: before and after construction. Here’s what to expect from this service:

  • Full management of the procurement process
  • The organisation of all legal and bureaucratic procedures
  • Regular construction updates & photographs
  • Payment is not required through our platform
  • Fully Managed after purchase; including Tenant Sourcing & General Management
  • Everything can be viewed & managed from your Propdo account

What are our service fees?

The cost of our services is 5% added with VAT, out of the total investment cost. For each investment, the exact amount of our service fees will be provided in a clear and transparent way. This fee covers the extent of our Accompaniment and Management Service as stated within our agreement, which can be found on the confirmation page of each property (after clicking continue).

Is there any limitation of investment amounts?

No. There is no limitation in investment amounts, and it’s possible to invest in all projects featured on our platforms, in accordance with their costs.

Who is permitted to invest?

Any individual who is over 18 years of age, or a registered corporation.

How can a corporation make an investment?

In the investment stage, please check the box stating that the investment will be made through a corporation. Once you’ve started the process our representatives will be in touch to obtain all relevant company information. This is to ensure our management agreement is accurately related to your business.

Is it possible to invest with a group?

Certainly. It is possible to invest with a group of up to four investors in total. When starting the investment process, please check the box stating that the investment is made by a group.

Is it safe to invest?

All investments featured on Propdo are investments in properties and projects that we have picked based on various parameters.

As part of your investment, your rights will include protection by local sales laws. This includes the performance of money transfers only to ancillary accounts and releasing amounts according to the instructions of a supervisor or another trustee for the project.

The projects themselves are in central cities and have been developed by renowned and reputable organisations with vast levels of experience within the real estate and development markets.

Are there any risks?

Our values are focused on Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. As with any investment, there is always the risk of partial or full loss of the investment fund.

What is the revenue on investments?

There are no fixed revenues on investments. It is often a matter of time. For instance, once you’ve found a new tenant after project construction, you’ll be in a better position to monitor any revenue coming from your investment.

Our team have obtained over 30 years of experience within fields of law and real estate and therefore have a commitment and the experience to ensure you obtain the best possible returns.

Who are the people behind the platform?

Propdo Group is made up of industry professionals with experience within entrepreneurship, law, real estate, property management, renewable energy, infrastructure, environment and tourism. Find out more about our team here.

If I have additional questions and enquiries, how can I talk to you?

If you have any other questions. Perhaps we’ve missed something here. Simply contact our team here. We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible.